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Introducing KG Protech's
KG Fault Simulator

In Partnership with EdTech Global

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KG Protech's Fault Simulator turns any car into
a training center!

KG Protech's Fault Simulator (app & device) turns any car into a training simulator for automotive technology students. Train on real faults without expensive setups.  

Connect KG Protech to any car and use our app to set up fault simulations. All our simulations utilize the vehicle’s own systems, ensuring they are extremely realistic and closely simulate real-world problems. Demonstrate a complex ABS problem or a common injection pump fault – effortlessly.

That's the power of KG Protech's simulation program.


What Problems Does KG Protech Solve?

KG Protech's Fault Simulator works on standard cars, electric & hybrid cars, light duty & heavy duty trucks, farm equipment, construction equipment, and more…

And the Benefits?

• Train multiple students faster: Run simulations on multiple cars & switch faults instantly.
• Build custom training: Develop & share scenarios to perfectly match your curriculum.
• Simplify lesson planning: Automate workflows & store simulations for future use.
• KG App: Control faults remotely, access a simulation library & works on any device.
• KG Box: Simulate faults on any vehicle (cars, trucks, etc.) without needing a special connection.

Your KG bundle comes
complete with the
following components:

  1. KG Box

  2. KG Terminal

  3. KG Subscription   (3/5/10-year subscription plans available)

  4. KG Connector Cables - Connector Cables are vehicle-specific. Prices vary slightly across manufacturers.  


To request a quote specific to your needs, submit the form below.

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