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We help organizations expand their reach

Go-To-Market Strategy

Define & identify your customers, how to reach them, and develop a market-ready value proposition.

sales interview

Sales Process Optimization

Directly work with reseller and client to optimize the sales process. Maximize the sales team's performance by analyzing past interactions, guiding sales reps how to sell effectively, and managing future sales incentives.


Local Reseller Network

Engage and manage the local reseller in the market you’re entering, directly overseeing this business relationship.

Financial Report

Competitive Analysis

Build competitive comparison showing how your organization is currently positioned against your competition. Develop strategy to successfully compete based on this intelligence.

Graphic Designer

Local Marketing Campaign

Create and launch sequenced marketing campaigns to create awareness and generate leads.

brand positioning

Product & Brand Positioning

Review your current brand to validate your message and visual identity resonates with your target audience and communicates who you are & who you want to be.



Contact us

Schedule a free consultation to explore & discover the benefits of partnering with EdTech Global.


Assessment & Preparation

EdTech Global provides a thoughtful review of your company's preparedness to conduct & support sales expansion internationally.



EdTech Global builds a Go-To-Market strategy for the markets chosen. We then launch & manage sales & marketing campaigns into these new markets.

Partnership Plan: What We'll Do For You

Partnering with EdTech Global provides comprehensive oversight of your overall Sales, Marketing & Sales Operations strategy. Once engaged, we’ll do the following:

  • Activate & manage reseller network, maximizing ROI.

  • Provide ongoing analysis, tracking key sales & marketing performance indicators.

  • Create/Adapt marketing collateral, to maximize customer engagement.

  • Review/Revise your LinkedIn profile & review other social media footprints.

  • Sharpen CRM usage to fortify lead generation to target new customer acquisition. 

  • Provide access to reseller network, with usage of ETG’s premium database.

  • Analyze lead flow through sales pipeline process, removing barriers to accelerate action on customer leads.

  • Create & deploy digital marketing campaigns, leveraging AI to target select customers on LinkedIn.

  • Higher frequency of marketing campaigns, sales reviews and reporting.

  • Review/Refine local sales compensation model to drive stronger results.

  • Attend appropriate events/conferences in support of client & reseller.

  • Enhanced level of analysis, reporting and strategic communications both with the client and the reseller.

Find out how EdTech Global can
help drive your sales globally.

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