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Introducing KG Protech's
KG Test & Train

In Partnership with EdTech Global

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KG Protech's Test & Train turns any car into
a training center!

KG Test & Train (app & device) turns any car into a training simulator for automotive technology students. Train on real faults without expensive setups.  

Connect KG Test & Train to any car and use our app to set up fault simulations. All our simulations utilize the vehicle’s own systems, ensuring they are extremely realistic and closely simulate real-world problems. Demonstrate a complex ABS problem or a common injection pump fault – effortlessly.

That's the power of KG Protech's Test & Train simulation program.


What Problems Does KG Test & Train Solve?

KG Test & Train works on standard cars, electric & hybrid cars, light duty & heavy duty trucks, farm equipment, construction equipment, and more…

And the Benefits?

• Train multiple students faster: Run simulations on multiple cars & switch faults instantly.
• Build custom training: Develop & share scenarios to perfectly match your curriculum.
• Simplify lesson planning: Automate workflows & store simulations for future use.
• KG App: Control faults remotely, access a simulation library & works on any device.
• KG Box: Simulate faults on any vehicle (cars, trucks, etc.) without needing a special connection.

Your KG bundle comes
complete with the
following components:

  1. KG Box

  2. KG Terminal

  3. KG Subscription   (3/5/10-year subscription plans available)

  4. KG Connector Cables - Connector Cables are vehicle-specific. Prices vary slightly across manufacturers.  


To request a quote specific to your needs, submit the form below.

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