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AET Labs is EdTech Global's New England Distributor for AutoEDU

Jan 29, 2024

AET Labs is selected by EdTech Global to be its distribution partner for AutoEDU products in New England.

EdTech Global, a solutions provider of innovative EdTech products, has chosen to partner with AET Labs, a Massachusetts-based STEM lab solutions provider, to market and sell AutoEDU products in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine. AutoEDU is the leading global provider of OEM-based automotive training aids and EdTech Global has the exclusive distribution rights for these products in North America.

AutoEDU has a much broader product portfolio than the traditional training aid players in the US and is far ahead of the competition when it comes to Electric Vehicle and Hybrid products”, said David Kempskie, Principal of AET Labs “We are very excited to introduce new and innovative products in this staid market”. Mr. Kempskie continued, “automotive instructors deserve more options and innovation than what has been provided for the last few decades. With AutoEDU, we can offer them just that”.

David Gesell, Managing Director of EdTech Global stated, “We are very excited at the opportunity to launch our partnership with AET Labs. They are perfectly positioned to help bring AutoEDU to automotive instructors and students throughout New England.” Mr. Gesell added, “AET Labs has established strong relationships with technical schools and colleges, including automotive programs. AutoEDU is already very popular around the world with customers in over 100 countries, and we look forward to supporting customers in the US as well”.

The partnership goes into effect immediately, which will allow schools and students to experience the benefits of AutoEDU for themselves in the coming school year. To request your AutoEDU salesperson contact you to learn more or to request a quote on these automotive training aids CLICK HERE.


About EdTech Global: EdTech Global ( is a sales and marketing strategic partner that specializes in working with EdTech organizations around the world, helping them expand their reach while internationalizing their revenue stream. With a collective +50 years’ experience leading some of the world’s largest Education organizations, Thomas Snyder and David Gesell bring proven international experience successfully launching new products and solutions in educational markets around the world.


About AET Labs: AET Labs is an advisor and value-added reseller inspired to bring real-world industry experience to education with end-to-end technology lab solutions. We design, outfit, and support technical labs for education. As a team of application specialists, service technicians, and knowledgeable consultants, we combine experience, curated product lines, and the ability to implement with professionalism and a future-thinking approach. We have partnered with New England education visionaries since 2005 and value educating future generations.


About AutoEDU: AutoEDU ( is the world's leading OEM-based automotive training aids company. With the most comprehensive portfolio of training aids that support Hybrids to Electric Vehicles, Gasoline to Diesel, with products ranging from full functional automotive models to stand-alone training boards & simulators, electric vehicle training stands to braking system rigs and much more…AutoEDU is sure to have products for every program. With clients in over 100 countries, AutoEDU is a true educational innovator that provides the most comprehensive and effective automotive training aids currently available in the market.

Media Contact

David Gesell

EdTech Global LLC

100 Cambridge Street, 14th Floor

Boston, MA 02114

T: + 1 (740) 963-2032



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