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EdTech Global & Worktour team up for N. American careers

May 28, 2024

EdTech Global and Worktour Forge Strategic Alliance to Propel Career Exploration in North America

EdTech Global, a leading provider of cutting-edge educational technology solutions, and Worktour, an innovative career exploration platform, have joined forces in a strategic partnership to expand Worktour's presence in North America.

This strategic collaboration accelerates the adoption of Worktour's pioneering career exploration solution throughout the United States and Canada. Worktour's immersive 360 technology conveniently takes students to actual workplaces where they deeply engage in an interactive, transformative journey that connects their passions with in-demand careers – and all from simply a mobile phone or laptop. Worktour's unique workplace-centric approach empowers students to explore a diverse array of career pathways, opening doors to adjacent jobs they may never have considered.

Thomas Snyder, Managing Director of EdTech Global, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "Worktour has redefined how students discover potential careers and prepare their educational paths to achieve their aspirations. We are thrilled to join forces with Worktour to make this experience accessible to every middle and high school student."

Franny Lee, CEO of Worktour, emphasized the strategic significance of the partnership, saying, "Partnering with EdTech Global connects us into an invaluable network and amplifies our capabilities with their extensive expertise in driving educational technology adoption. Together, we are perfectly positioned to strengthen Worktour's presence in the education sector and help make significant impacts on the career-readiness of more students."

The partnership has gone into effect immediately, enabling schools and students to embrace the power of Worktour's career exploration platform in the upcoming academic year.

To request your Worktour salesperson contact you to learn more CLICK HERE.


About EdTech Global: EdTech Global ( is a sales and marketing strategic partner that specializes in working with EdTech organizations around the world, helping them expand their reach while internationalizing their revenue stream. As master distributors, EdTech Global leverages its worldwide network to manage the sales and marketing processes for its customers.


About Worktour: Worktour ( is the leading immersive 360 career exploration platform – a complete solution that provides students with unlimited virtual field trips to real workplaces and job shadow experiences, comprehensive age-tailored career and training details, as well as in-platform prepared lessons and sophisticated analytics. Dedicated to supporting student career-readiness, Worktour’s unique technology is fully accessible online and on mobile, with no VR goggles or software maintenance updates needed, so that every student can find their future. Designed to excite and engage students, Worktour’s interactive experiences are proven to not only introduce students to in-demand careers, but also empower them to go above and beyond to own and prepare for their future success.

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