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EdTech Global and KG Protech announce an exclusive distribution partnership for North America

Feb 13, 2024

KG Protech joins EdTech Global in Transforming North American classrooms.

EdTech Global, a provider of cutting-edge educational technology solutions, and KG Protech, the visionary company behind KG Test & Train, have established a strategic collaboration to introduce KG Protech products to North America. EdTech Global holds the exclusive distribution rights for these products in North America.

Thomas Snyder, Managing Director of EdTech Global, emphasized the significance of KG Protech's contribution to automotive education. He highlighted the revolutionary product offered, stating, "KG Protech is the first company to develop a solution that transforms workshop cars into educational devices, specifically designed for mastering diagnostic skills. This patented innovation eliminates the need for automotive instructors to spend countless hours inserting faults in cars for class preparation."

Georg Homolatsch, CEO of KG Protech, expressed confidence in the partnership, acknowledging EdTech Global as the strategic partner with extensive experience in the introduction and management of educational products, especially within the large and complex North American market. He shared that "EdTech Global is deeply connected with the Automotive education space, and will be the perfect partner to introduce KG Test & Train to automotive programs throughout North America.

The partnership is effective immediately, allowing automotive programs and students to experience KG Protech in the upcoming school year. To request your KG Protech salesperson contact you to learn more or to request a quote on these automotive training aids CLICK HERE.


About EdTech Global: EdTech Global ( serves as a sales and marketing strategic partner, specializing in collaboration with EdTech organizations globally. With over 50 years of combined experience leading some of the world's largest learning solutions providers, Thomas Snyder and David Gesell bring proven international expertise to successfully launch new products and solutions in educational markets worldwide.


About KG Protech: KG Protech ( is the creator of KG Test & Train, a patented, groundbreaking solution that transforms workshop vehicles into educational devices. KG Test & Train allows automotive instructors to simulate faults on cars, trucks, motorcycles and agriculture machines from their smartphone or computer. With clients across Europe and South America, including global manufacturers such as Renault, Nissan, KTM and Volvo Trucks, KG Protech is a true educational innovator, expanding its influence worldwide.

Media Contact

David Gesell

EdTech Global LLC

100 Cambridge Street, 14th Floor

Boston, MA 02114

T: + 1 (740) 963-2032



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