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A7 - Heating & Air Conditioning: How AutoEDU Products Map to the ASE Curriculum

Updated: Mar 15

Welcome back to our nine-part series designed to equip automotive educators with the best resources for their students!

With each post, we'll highlight AutoEDU products that align with the ASE standard curriculum, helping students excel in specific ASE areas. These training aids, built around real-world components, provide the tools students need to master the skills required for certification and future success in the automotive field.

Let’s focus on the ASE A7: Heating & Air Conditioning certification and how the right teaching aids can support student success in this area.

In collaboration with AutoEDU, EdTech Global is thrilled to present our seventh installment in our nine-part series.

Welcome to Part seven.

Turning the heat up with the A7 Certification: Heating & Air Conditioning.

A7 Certification: Heating & Air Conditioning from EdTech Global

The A7 certification assesses technicians' knowledge and skills in working on vehicle heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. It covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Refrigeration theory and principles: Understanding how refrigerants work in a closed-loop system to transfer heat.

  • System components: Identifying and explaining the functions of various components like compressors, condensers, evaporators, expansion valves, and driers.

  • Electrical systems: Troubleshooting electrical circuits and components related to the HVAC system, including control modules, sensors, and actuators.

  • Diagnosis and repair: Performing various diagnostic procedures to identify and repair faults in different parts of the HVAC system.

  • Service procedures: Safely performing routine maintenance and service tasks on the HVAC system, such as refrigerant recovery and recycling, leak detection, and system evacuation and recharge.

To ace this certification area, students must dominate both theoretical knowledge and practical skills required for successful diagnosis and repair.

As such, investing in the right teaching aids can significantly benefit your students as they work towards their A7 certification. By providing them with training aids that mirror real-world components and systems, you can help them:

  • Visualize key concepts: Students can gain a deeper understanding of complex systems by interacting with physical components.

  • Practice hands-on skills: Training aids allow students to practice troubleshooting, repair, and service procedures in a safe and controlled environment.

Below, you'll find specific automotive training aids from AutoEDU that your students could benefit from as they develop their skills in the ASE A7 certification area.

We've listed the ASE tasks and highlighted the corresponding AutoEDU training aids aligned with Heating & Air Conditioning.

AutoEDU ASE Reference Table for AE410650M

Air Conditioning System (on base) Manual Educational Trainer AE410650M

AutoEDU ASE Reference Table for MSC2/(MSC04-R1234YF-D/B)

Dual-Zone Air Conditioning & Climate Control Educational Trainer w/R134a (R 1234yf) MSC02 / MSC04-R1234YF-D/B
MSC02 / MSC04-R1234YF-D/B

Click the button below to request that an AutoEDU salesperson contact you. With over 400 automotive training aids now available in North America, they’ll be happy to walk you through more of AutoEDU's extensive catalog and assist with getting quotes sent for your institution.

Look out for our next post in this nine-part series as we share key AutoEDU products mapped to the next course in the ASE Curriculum:



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