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A1: Engine Repair: How AutoEDU Products Map to the ASE Curriculum

Updated: Feb 20

Are you looking to empower your students with the tools they need to excel in their automotive programs and ace their ASE certifications?

In collaboration with AutoEDU, EdTech Global is thrilled to present a nine-part blog series specifically designed for educators like you.

Each Article will dive into AutoEDU’s proven and successful automotive training aids, showcasing how they seamlessly align with the ASE standard curriculum.

Welcome to Part one.

Let's talk about the foundation: Engine Repair (A1).

A1: Engine Repair: How AutoEDU Products Map to the ASE Curriculum

Equipping your students with the right hands-on experience is crucial for solidifying their understanding of complex engine repair concepts. That's where AutoEDU's extensive range of training aids comes in.

These innovative tools, meticulously crafted using OEM components and systems, provide your students with realistic simulations that mirror real-world scenarios.

We've listed the ASE tasks and then showcased the specific AutoEDU training aid your students can work on, aligned with this ASE area.

AutoEDU ASE Reference Table for SKU#IVDBO1

AutoEDU ASE Reference Table for SKU#IVDBO2

AutoEDU ASE Reference Table for SKU#AE410401S

AutoEDU ASE Reference Table for SKU#VIVV1

Remember, this is just a taste of what AutoEDU has to offer! Visit our website by clicking HERE to explore our comprehensive catalog of over 400 automotive training aids.

Ready to see even more? Click the button below to schedule a consultation with an AutoEDU salesperson.

They'll be happy to provide you with a personalized quote and showcase how our extensive catalog can empower your students on their path to automotive excellence.

Continue your journey to the next installment of our series where we dive into A2: Automotive Transmission/Transaxle!



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