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A3: Manual DriveTrain & Axle: How AutoEDU Products Map to the ASE Curriculum

Updated: Feb 20

Welcome back to our series on empowering you with the best resources for your students' success. In this article, we’ll dive into ASE Test A3: Manual DriveTrain and Axles, exploring how AutoEDU's training aids can equip your students with the knowledge and skills they need to excel.

In collaboration with AutoEDU, EdTech Global is thrilled to present a nine-part blog series specifically designed for educators like you.

Welcome to Part three.

Let's talk about why Manual DriveTrain and Axles Matters (A3)

A3 - Manual DriveTrain & Axle

Understanding clutches, transmissions, axles, and all the intricate components connecting them is crucial for any aspiring automotive technician. This knowledge forms the foundation for diagnosing and servicing modern vehicles, preparing students for real-world challenges and certification success.

AutoEDU offers a comprehensive range of training aids specifically designed to meet the ASE A3 curriculum. These aids, based on real OEM components and systems, provide an immersive learning experience that surpasses traditional textbooks.

Below, you'll find specific automotive training aids from AutoEDU for your students to use as they develop their skills in each ASE test certification area. We've listed the ASE tasks and highlighted the corresponding AutoEDU training aids aligned with each ASE area.

AutoEDU ASE Reference Table for #IDSS01

AutoEDU ASE Reference Table for SKU#AE11100S

AutoEDU ASE Reference Table for SKU#AE411005M

AutoEDU ASE Reference Table for AE410990M

AutoEDU ASE Reference Table for SKU#AE411200M

Rear-axle with differential (on stand with wheels) manual Educational Trainer - #AE411200M
Rear-axle with differential (on stand with wheels) manual Educational Trainer - #AE411200M

This is just a glimpse into AutoEDU's extensive catalog. Click the link below to discover over 400 training aids covering all ASE areas. Get a personalized quote or schedule a consultation to find the perfect fit for your classroom needs.

Don't miss out: Continue to the next part of our series, where we explore key AutoEDU products for ASE's A4: Suspension and Steering.



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