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A2: Automatic Transmission/Transaxle: How AutoEDU Products Map to the ASE Curriculum

Updated: Feb 20

Are you looking to empower your students with the tools they need to excel in their automotive programs and ace their ASE certifications?

In collaboration with AutoEDU, EdTech Global is thrilled to present a nine-part blog series specifically designed for educators like you.

Each Article will dive into AutoEDU’s proven and successful automotive training aids, showcasing how they seamlessly align with the ASE standard curriculum.

Welcome to Part two.

Let's talk about Automatic Transmission/Transaxle (A2)

A2 - Automatic Tasnmission/Transaxle

Modern automatic transmissions and transaxles are marvels of engineering, delivering smooth performance and impressive fuel economy. But their complexity can leave technicians feeling overwhelmed.

However, armed with the right knowledge and the support of AutoEDU's specialized training aids, your students can unlock the secrets of these intricate systems and conquer their automotive future!

AutoEDU steps in with a comprehensive suite of teaching aids, designed to make your learning journey smoother than the latest multi-shift transmission.

Imagine: dissecting a cutaway model, exploring interactive simulations, and mastering diagnostic tools – all while gaining in-depth knowledge through comprehensive manuals. That's the power of AutoEDU at your fingertips.

Get ready to shift your learning into high gear!

Below, you'll find specific automotive training aids from AutoEDU for your students to use as they develop their skills in each ASE test certification area. We've listed the ASE tasks and highlighted the corresponding AutoEDU training aids aligned with each ASE area.

AutoEDU ASE Reference Table for SKU#AE411060M

AutoEDU ASE Reference Table for SKU#AE411068M

AutoEDU ASE Reference Table for SKU#AE411082M

AutoEDU ASE Reference Table for SKU#GDIVV01

Ready to learn more? Request a consultation with an AutoEDU salesperson to discuss your specific needs and get a quote.

They'll be happy to guide you through their extensive catalog and help you find the perfect training solutions for your students.

Continue to the next installment of our series A3: Manual DriveTrain and Axles, showcasing how AutoEDU can help your students excel in this crucial area.

Don't miss this opportunity to equip your students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the competitive automotive industry. Partner with AutoEDU today!



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