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A6 - Electrical/Electronic Systems: How AutoEDU Products Map to the ASE Curriculum

Updated: Mar 5

Welcome back to our series on empowering you with the best resources for your students' success.

In this article, we’ll dive into ASE’s A6: Electrical / Electronic Systems, exploring how AutoEDU's training aids can equip your students with the expertise they need to diagnose, repair, and maintain the complex electrical and electronic systems found in modern vehicles.

In collaboration with AutoEDU, EdTech Global is thrilled to present our sixth installment in our nine-part series.

Welcome to Part six.

Mastering the A6 Certification: Electrical and Electronic Systems.

A6 - Electrical / Electronic Systems by EdTech Global

The A6 knowledge area focuses on the electrical and electronic aspects of various vehicle systems, excluding mechanical components.

It serves to equip students with the skills to:

  • Grasp Electrical Fundamentals: Master the core principles of voltage, current, resistance, and Ohm's Law.

  • Become a Diagnostic Expert: Diagnose and repair battery, starting, and lighting systems with confidence.

  • Maintain Vehicle Information: Service instrument clusters, driver information systems, and body electrical systems.

  • Troubleshoot Like a Pro: Apply advanced diagnostic techniques to pinpoint electrical faults efficiently.

A6 certification helps your students demonstrate their expertise in electrical troubleshooting, making them valuable assets in a diverse range of automotive settings. Investing in the right training aids to support your A6 program isn't just about equipping your students, it's about creating future-ready, highly skilled technicians.

This translates to increased program recognition, student satisfaction, and ultimately, a strong competitive edge for your institution.

Below, you'll find specific automotive training aids from AutoEDU for your students to use as they develop their skills in each ASE test certification area. We've listed the ASE tasks and highlighted the corresponding AutoEDU training aids aligned with ASE’s A6 knowledge area.

AutoEDU ASE Reference Table AE410070M/AE410071M

AutoEDU ASE Reference Table AE410040S

AutoEDU ASE Reference Table AE41008M

AutoEDU ASE Reference Table MSMSG1

AutoEDU ASE Reference Table MSAS2

AutoEDU ASE Reference Table MSCAN1

AutoEDU ASE Reference Table MSSRS1

SRS Bosch AB 8.4 (Airbag) Mokomasis Stendas #MSSRS01
SRS Bosch AB

With over 400 automotive training aids available, click the button below to request a consultation with an AutoEDU representative to find the perfect match for your A6 curriculum and other ASE areas.

They will be happy to showcase the extensive catalog and provide personalized quotes for your training needs.

Join us next week as we delve into AutoEDU products aligned with the ASE A7: Heating & Air Conditioning certification.



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